Male Grooming: On The Lookout For A Good Shaver*

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Trying To Look After Myself A Bit

I've never really been the vain type and at any rate, I knew from a youngish age that I was never going to look like Brad Pitt. That said, as 'Father time' has slowly crept up on me, it suddenly seems only sensible that I take some of the necessary steps to prolong my youthful looks for as long as possible. Recently I became the proud new owner of a Sonicare electric toothbrush which promises to do miraculous things for my teeth! Unfortunately despite doing my best to look after my teeth, they aren't as white now as they once were. Still, all in all they are in pretty good condition considering what I've put them through growing up . . . rugby collisions, falling out of trees, toppling over on my bicycle and such like.
Despite all the bumps and scrapes, my mouth has escaped relatively unscathed. Ironic really because when I did eventually lose three teeth it was only to create space for orthodontic treatment. Three perfectly healthy teeth I might add, extracted in order for me to have a fitted brace when I was fourteen years old. The toothbrush is very expensive to buy and bearing in mind I haven't had a toothbrush which cost more than £15 before, I'm curious to see whether it will improve my overall mouth health. I shall keep you posted and may well write a post in a few weeks time to chart my progress (if there is any.) If I see impressive results or anything noteworthy then I shall be sure to inform you!

Shaving - Traditional Or Electric?

I'm also looking for a Men's Trimmer as mine is old and no longer working properly. Over the last twelve months I have been shaving for the most part with a more traditional Razor (which I wrote a review on last year for Girl Gone Dreamer.) There's no denying there's a certain romance attached to the notion of the wet shave, the careful application of the foam onto the wet synthetic soft-haired brush and then to skin. However you do have to concentrate more to take care not to cut the skin as it's so much easier to do than with an electric shaver. One of the other difficulties when using a traditional shaver is maintaining the correct angle at all times. As a child my brother and I would watch my Dad shave. It seemed like such a manly and grown up thing to do. Little did we know then, that having to shave daily would become one of the biggest chores in life. That said, when I use a traditional razor, due to the closeness of the shave combined with the fact that I'm not blessed with thick facial hair, I usually then don't need to shave for at least two or three days.

Image Source Pexels

Unless I'm enjoying a slow paced wet shave in preparation for a good night out, a wedding or a business function, most of the time shaving is somewhat of an inconvenience, as I know it is to most. Bearing this in mind, I'm now on the lookout for a trimmer which I can shave with in a time efficient manner, (although granted, I shall still keep my traditional shave as an alternative). I like to be able to shave and leave a little stubble, rather than rendering myself completely hairless. 

This also helps me avoid any skin irritation which although is a rare occurrence, can sometimes happen. I'm not particularly interested in all the features regarding making patterns in my facial hair; I just want a simple clean, smooth shave with the option to edge and style my facial hair on the rare occasion that I have it long enough to require some neatening up. Again I might do a product review once I've tried a few. I'm definitely looking for something simplistic compared to some of the high tech gadgets on the market. The Panasonic Trimmer is of interest. Designed for use on body, head and facial hair, it seems like it would meet some of my time efficiency requirements.

For the more seasoned 'beard-groomers', the Panasonic trimmer features settings which enable professional styling and design of the hair. Prepare yourself for an eclectic mix of potentially wondrous results!

This trimmer has many perks! Featuring a 45 degree blade, this gadget trims – which is what I'm looking for - makes lines, cuts through tougher hairs and bristles and if you fancy having a haircut then you'll be pleased to know it can do this too! It's sensitive enough that you can even shave under your arms. Is there anything the Panasonic trimmer can't do?

What do you use for grooming? Are you a fan of the traditional razor or do you prefer an electric shaver?

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