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Get After It

Everyday more and more people are realising the entrepreneurial possibilities which the internet affords each and every one of us. Never before has it been so simple for a person with no business experience to be able to set up a profitable operation of their own. There are many benefits to being able to make money from the comfort of your own home, so here I shall go through a few simple ideas and recommend that you fully explore the plethora of opportunities which may be available to you, depending on your field of interest and your skills.

First Stop Ebay

Ebay and sites like it are a great option for people seeking to make some additional money. Whether you are having a spring clean and wish to sell some of your belongings, or perhaps you have found a line of stock which you think you can sell for a profit. Auction sites allow you to list your item under your own terms ensuring you only sell when a price is reached which you are happy with. A survey last year in the UK stated the average home has around £2000 worth of unwanted and saleable items. Most of these sites also have brilliant helplines, live chat support and advice. Make the most of the resources available and do some research.

While there are many entrepreneurs out there who have become millionaires by trading online, set yourself some realistic shorter term goals and be prepared to put in some extra hours of graft. Look up the tips section too and make sure you list your items for sale at the most opportune times and with good quality photographs and detailed description of the item you wish to sell.

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This is a great site for people who might have a skill or talent. The basic concept is that people will pay £5 for say an hour of tuition in something. This can be a great way of earning some quick money. Some examples of services offered and requested might be, language tuition, proofreading, editing, graphic design and logo making, artistry, tuition in a musical instrument, the list goes on. Definitely worth checking out if you feel like you might be able to offer your skills and experience to the benefit of others while making a few extra pounds.

This is a great option particularly for people who have a passion about something and who enjoy sharing their passion with others. Great for students and people looking to supplement their income.


This is a great place for you artsy folk out there. Again a simple process, you draw a picture, paint a scene, craft something unique, you list it, and then you sell it. If you an artist who is hoping to sell your own work, then you must set up an etsy account, you could make some extra cash by the end of the day. By combining the use of a site which you can sell on such as Etsy, Ebay or Amazon, with social media platforms in order to help get the word out. There are cases of 'ordinary' people from all around the world who are millionaires and thousands who are now making a full-time living from working at home.

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Don't Overthink. Keep It Simple

The great thing about these kinds of business ideas is that the costs are relatively low while the potential to make a profit is good and for relatively little effort you can make some real money. There are no overheads, and as long as you price your item at a rate which allows you to make money once deductions are taken, there is no reason why you can't at the very least, develop a secondary income stream. If you would like to gain some experience and professional development to help you in your entrepreneurial pursuits it is no bad thing to look into in order to add another string to your bow.

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