After graduating from university in the North East of England in 2012, I  moved to London where I began working in the City for an Insurance brokerage before being headhunted by a recruitment company based in West London. After a couple of years, unforeseen circumstances meant that I had to relocate. Currently i work as a contractor in the Nuclear Energy sector. My spare time is usually spoken for as I am working on several projects at the moment. I'm currently writing a draft for a book, I also write content for blogs and marketing companies and have several other 'irons in the fire'. I like to be busy and enjoy taking in new experiences. I love to travel, love sport and I'm always full of ideas and always seeking out opportunities in whatever form they may take. 

So why write a blog? Well, on reflection I guess it all stems from a life-long love of writing, having been an avid reader (mainly of non-fiction) since about the age of 5. Ultimately the love of writing can only truly stem from the experience of reading the works of others. As a child you read something witty, intelligent or creative and from there the desire to be able to write in such a way as to please others and bring a snippet of happiness however briefly into their existence grows. 

Wordsmiths such as Disraeli, Churchill, Wilde and Hemingway have always inspired me with their respective literary talents and turns of phrase, their eclectic and extensive vocabularies. Without a passion for writing I wouldn't be writing here for sure so I thought I should mention this briefly. I really ought to mention that despite being able to read and somewhat grasp the afore mentioned literary heavyweights, I am in no way implying that I am able to replicate even one thousandth of a per cent of their respective genius and talent;

I am interested in all sorts of topics ranging from entrepreneurship to history, from business to poetry, to sports and fitness along with many others besides. 

The notion of being able to communicate with others on topics of interest really appeals to my thirst for learning and I enjoy being enlightened about all manner of subjects. I’m a believer in always trying to push yourself and to seek out (and if required), to create opportunities in life. To push the envelope of ambition, to risk falling over the precipice, that knife-edged divide between success and failure; and when the inevitable moments of ‘failure’ strike, I want to learn something, to grow from the experience and then to re-engage with renewed vim and vigour. Through the course of life's peaks and troughs it is much easier said than done, but I continue to persist. 

I intend to write about a wide range of topics with an emphasis on helping people to realize that they can achieve success, they can learn about new and interesting ideas and they can push themselves further than they think. I shall also write about daily life, the history of places I visit or interesting anecdotes of places I’ve seen, or people I have met. Tips on business, public speaking and advice on budgeting, as well as discussing topics purely for the fun and love of it. I hope you find contained within the words of this blog something which resonates with you. I hope you enjoy. 

Topics I intend to write about . . . 

Business and Finance .

Confidence Building and Mindset.
Current affairs and Sporting Events. 
Gent’s style and lifestyle. 
Fitness and Health.
History and Travel and Culture.
Self Improvement.

Hopefully there will be something for everyone.

Stay tuned.
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