Been Involved In A Car Accident Or Personal Injury And Unsure What To Do Next?*

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The Simple Fact Is, Accidents Can And Do Happen

Car accidents occur with a rather startling frequency, statistics show that in the US between more than 38000 people die every year due to motoring related incidents in the US, (That's approximately one fatality every 13 minutes on US roads). Global figures are even more stark, due to the poorer infrastructure and varying levels of health and safety in different countries and cultures. On average roughly 3700 people in the world die every single day in road traffic incidents. An approximate 20-40 million people suffer serious enough injuries to warrant medical attention, in the US that figure is around 3-4 million injuries per annum. It is important to know of some of the options available to you, should you or someone you know ever be in such an incident.

The legalities of the whole process can be very intimidating to a lot of people, and many people simply are not aware that they have options open to them, if only they are aware and willing to seek them out. For example, there are solicitors who specialize in car accident cases, and others who specialize in the field of personal injury. Therefore whether you or your vehicle  sustains any damage you should ensure that you give yourself the best possible chance to secure any compensation or reimbursement etc that you are entitled to. 

If you are involved in a car accident then one thing you could potentially do if you are able is to make a record of everything which happened before, during and after the incident, and take photographs, be thorough, many angles etc. The pictures especially could be worth their weight in gold when used as evidence further down the line when making any potential claims. 

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Who Do I Contact To Find Out More

By contacting a reputable solicitors firm such as Kinnet, Fernandez and Boire who specialize in such matters, you or someone you know can rest assured, safe in the knowledge that you will have a team of experts working collaboratively for your best interests. If they assess you as having a rightful and legal position with regards to making a claim, then they will take you through the process. 

In the UK there tends to be a uniform ‘3 year rule’, whereby a person has up to three years to make a claim, the most common claim being for ‘negligence’. In the USA the time limits allowed can vary from State to State so it is worth looking into, especially if you have been in a car accident or suffered a personal injury in recent years. 

Most Lawyers will only charge a fee if they secure a payout for you, and so there is no harm in at looking into it. As mentioned, many people are put off by the complexities of the legal system. Many people are simply not aware that by entering a simple search online, you can easily find out more. Most firms will have websites and some will offer assistance online, as well as the usual methods such as email and phone numbers. 

It has never been easier to find good legal representation.  

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An Introduction To Craft Beers with Melvin Brewing*

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First Things First

Craft Breweries typically produce relatively small quantities of beer. Generally speaking, craft brewers are much smaller than their large scale, corporate brewery counterparts and they are often independently owned. 

Most if not all craft breweries are typically characterised by their emphasis on quality, flavor and brewing technique. As the industry has grown, the term craft brewery is a more encompassing one.

The microbrewing industry as we know it today properly began in the 1970s both in the United States and the UK. More often than not in the early days, they would often be very small indeed. The term micro brewery would usually indicate a brewery which formed during or before the original movement of the 1970’s, therefore with the expansion and growth in the industry, the term craft brewery is a more encompassing one. 

The vast majority of these original micro breweries would be very small indeed, perhaps a beer enthusiast experimenting with the brewing process in his garden shed, or maybe a few drinking buddies who hit upon the idea to make their own brew. More often than not, these enterprises would be merely ‘labours of love’ and not remotely about retail, sales or capitalistic gain.

However, due to a surge in popularity, (because of the high quality and popular tastes of the beers), craft breweries began expanding and developing to cater for a greater swathe of the alcoholic beverage market, thus the industry began to grow.

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The Art of Brewing

It should be noted that traditional artisanal brewing has existed in Europe for many centuries and subsequently was spread to the other countries around the world. In medieval times, beer would be the daily drink, because of the brewing process any bacteria or water borne diseases would be killed. It was better for your health to drink beer than to visit the local stream, well or water pump. 

Since the 70's these more traditional artisanal methods have been spreading, and with some small breweries expanding both their production and distribution; the more encompassing concept of ‘Craft Brewing’, as we would recognize it today, emerged. Today there are even brewpubs, which are pubs which brew their own beer and sell it on the premises.

Why Craft Beer? 

Consumers continue to demand a diverse variety of beers, from lagers, pale ales and seasonal beers to stouts, saisons and Belgian witbiers; craft brewers have snared a considerable portion of drinkers that would have traditionally opted for light and premium brand beers. 

Since many of the industry’s craft brewers are micro brewers, local brewpubs and regional producers, consumers have undeniably gravitated towards them. People are drawn to smaller operations such as Melvin Brewing for a number of reasons, among them are; the plethora of different flavors on offer, the traditional techniques used and to help support local businesses. 

The variety is far reaching and there is surely a craft beer out there for even the most sophisticated palate. I’d definitely recommend trying some craft beer if you haven’t already. They also vary in strength from low alcoholic content, to way up in the teens by percentage.

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Feel Good About Supporting Your Local Businesses

The brewing process has numerous stages and is time consuming, it is often regarded by those involved as an art form. There’s something romantic about the concept that this craft beer has been lovingly made, with great care and diligence rather than in batches of million of litres per annum, like the more mainstream brands. 

It is much more difficult for these smaller enterprises to survive and flourish without a loyal consumer base who buy into the ethos of the brewers themselves to some degree. This is obvious for any smaller bespoke business when trying to compete with multinational corporations and their corresponding multimillion dollar marketing budgets.

Because craft breweries tend to be small and independently owned,  they have to be ‘on their game’ at every stage of the process. They cannot afford to get anything wrong when it comes to crops, service or the actual brewing process.

So, with every sip, you know you are getting an end product which has required months of hardwork and dedication by people whose passion in life is the quest to create the perfect beer for you and when you do find the perfect craft beer for your tastebuds, it makes for an altogether more bespoke drinking experience.


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