Success In Business: How To Improve Your Customer Relations

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Never Underestimate the Value of a Happy Customer.

The relationship between the business/service provider and the consumer/customer is obviously a crucial one, and one can find a whole rake of material on the subject online. One of the most frequently used clich├ęs relating to customer service is, 'the customer is always right'. I'm sure that line is familiar to all of you, and that very fact in and of itself highlights just how important a feature of our society the transaction between business and the customer has become. Most of us who have worked in a customer-facing role have had to abide by this rule no matter what. Of course sometimes the customer is not right but it is most often better from a financial and business point of view to pretend that they are.

The relationship between businesses and their respective customers can differ rather significantly depending on a number of factors such as the type of industry or the service being provided for example. Hence the level of customer care can also vary extensively depending on these factors and others. I think hotels are always a good example to use when looking at the differentiation in levels of customer service as it is easy to decipher the processes involved. A two-star hotel will obviously not be able to offer the high level of personal care and attention that The Ritz might afford it's guests for instance. 

There are also differences in the expectation of the customers, for example one's expectations in terms of the overall experience of buying a bunch of bananas at a supermarket will vary greatly from one's expectations of buying an expensive piece of jewellery from a high-end jeweller's. One of the key factors in helping many businesses to streamline and in cases, to modify their customer service approach is due to the increased use of product engagement software and other such analytical tools which help to not only collect data, but interpret it in a way which will help your business and your customer relations.

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Anyone who has a business website of any kind will know the importance of understanding the analytics of a business, as well as how such data can help to guide the business in the right direction and to stay one step ahead of the customer so to speak. That is to say, with good foresight and a correct interpretation of such data one can make better informed decisions about the business in general, and with regards to customer service and 'success' in particular.

The aim of the business in terms of customer service is to ensure they are happy and successful in their experience with your business in order to (hopefully) have the customer return for future transactions. Another by product of good quality customer service is that to this day, some of the best advertising is done via word of mouth, and for small businesses or for start up companies this really can be the difference between success and failure. Therefore by keeping your customers happy, you will increase the chances of your business being referred and recommended to others. It is due to such reasons as this that the value of customer service and 'customer success' is so integral to the success of any business, no matter the scale.

Customer Success: What is it?

Customer success is a term used to describe the process of a customer encountering a business with a particular desired outcome in mind, who through interactions with your company, (either directly or through a service or product), achieve the desired outcome. In simple terms, when a customer walks out of your business with a smile and a spring in their step = 'customer success'.

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How Can You Determine How Happy Your Customers Are?

By utilising product engagement software one can easily gather data on various aspects of your customer's experience, including how they interact with and use your service/product. By analysing the data you will be able to see where your business has room for improvement in offering the customers the overall experience and interaction they desire. One such platform which provides this service is UserIQ.

If you decide to implement this software into your business you will soon start to gain a greater insight into the full customer journey that your customers' experience. In the long term this data can be used in the decision making processes relevant to improving and maintaining healthy customer relations, and enabling your business to go from strength to strength due to the fact that the data is also presented in a contextual way, not just a random list of figures and statistics.

If you have experience of implementing product engagement software in your business it would be interesting to hear how the use of it affected your business.


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