Easing The Burden Of Moving Office

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Who Knew Moving Office Could Be So Stressful?

Moving office can be a very stressful and quite complex logistical problem. From the minor issues such as changing the addresses on all relevant company stationery (business cards, letter headed paper for example), to organizing and synchronizing the move from one office building to another, which can prove much more difficult. One thing I would advise anyone moving office to consider is that if you have old telephones, printers and other recyclable items which will be surplus to requirements once the move is complete. Please consider disposing of them in order for them to be recycled. You can even donate old desks and chairs to organisations who will do their best to reuse as much of the materials as possible. As well as doing your 'bit' for the environment, it also makes economical sense too, after-all it seems a bit of a waste to pay for a removals firm to haul unwanted equipment to your new office.

An office move, as already mentioned can be quite a large operation, and can take several months depending on the size of the office and the type of business. An interesting tip I once heard regarding moving offices is to get a copy of the floor layouts/blueprints of both the office you are leaving and the one you're moving into. This will allow you to compare the layouts of the two spaces as well as helping to figure out any spatial issues. For example you can better plan the location of desks and printers and other intrinsic components of the office ahead of time to help ease the move.

Image Source Pexels.

Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help.

If you have a large office and you foresee the whole move issue being a major headache, it is always wise to try and get a few other people to help you plan for it. This might be a volunteer from each department or even a friend or two, 'two heads are better than one' and forming a small committee to plan the whole thing can be beneficial. The overall stresses of moving one's office can be greatly reduced by fore-planning and by having certain elements of the move well laid out ahead of time. That said always give yourself some leeway for when/if things going wrong etc. After all, 'in theory there is no difference between practice and theory, but in practice there is', things don't often go 100% according to plan so make sure you try and anticipate such pitfalls, again this is where having a group of people helping you will help in the raising of such issues in advance.

There are many removals companies as we all know but there are some which actually specialize in office removals such as The Man Van London. However, if you are on a budget you could always ask a friend or two to help you to pack some of the equipment and to organize the office a little in preparation. Or if the stress of it all is something you could do without you can have everything packed by the professionals too.

It really isn't any wonder why there is such a high demand for removals services these days. The prospect of spending months planning the logistics of such an endeavour on top of the usual working hours can be fairly daunting, particularly if you haven't orchestrated such a move before. It is quite a lot different from moving house. Utilizing a removals service which specializes in office relocation can greatly reduce one's blood pressure. Just knowing that the process of getting the equipment from office A to office B safely, securely and most importantly in working order, is at least one thing you don't have to worry about.

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