4 Key Tips For Any Budding Blogger*

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4 Key Tips For New Bloggers

Blogging is on the up and up and more companies than ever before are utilizing blogs as an additional tool in their respective PR machines. It is increasingly being recognised as an effective and useful means of communicating not only the message of a particular business or brand, but in simply communicating with their customers, followers and fans from a Public Relations perspective. Here are a few things any budding blogger should consider when it comes to creating awareness of your blog and maintaining and building on your levels of interaction with the public.

Engage With Your Audience

This is one of the most crucial aspects of creating and improving general awareness of your blog/brand or business and generating good vibes and positivity with your audience. It is a concept that anyone interested in growing their online presence/their blog should definitely pay due attention to. A simple and fun way to do this is to hold competitions. People love to be in with a chance to win something for free! It can be a really effective way of improving your own PR skills but in also creating positivity and building connections with your audience. There are many ways of improving Public Relations, for a really interesting and successful approach Nancy Behrman is a great example of how having a clear vision combined with good PR can turn even the smallest ventures into multi-million dollar businesses.

Keep Your Posts As Natural as Possible

Yes I know this can be quite difficult a difficult rule to adhere to, especially when you are being paid to produce content for a fee paying client. It can be such a time consuming and stressful process trying to keep a post within certain parameters and delivering a particular message while ensuring it fits into the themes of your blog. But in an age where just about everything is an advert, it pays to put in the time and effort to try and disguise the fact as much as you can.

Image Sourced From Pexels

Write Guest Posts

If you are striving to increase the viewing figures of your content and writing then you should definitely consider writing more often and for other blogs aside from your own, approach fellow bloggers, introduce yourself and explain the kind of content you like to produce and before long you will have collaborative partnerships with many bloggers. This entrepreneurial approach is really crucial in growing your brand and in terms of building up potential working relationships with other bloggers and people within your industry.

Ask What Kind of Posts Your Followers Want You To Create

Ask your fans and followers, what kind of content they would like you to write or produce content for. You'll be amazed how many people will be very forthcoming in giving you ideas and inspiration, this can be a really simple fix to that age old literary problem, the dreaded 'Writers Block'. This also feeds back in to the first point i.e. engagement, it's a great way of improving  your brand's Public Relations. If you are coming from a place of unfamiliarity or even if you are a seasoned veteran when it comes to Blogging and PR, I'd thoroughly recommend checking out Nancy Behrman. Her unique approach and conceptualization of Public Relations has made her and numerous others very successful since she first started her vision 30 years ago.

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