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Creativity Vs Copycatting In Business.

One of the areas of business which I have always been very interested in is the property market. Like anyone else I can appreciate a fine looking building and have always loved looking at beautiful houses and properties for as long as I can remember. I can recall the phrase, 'there's always money in bricks and mortar', being fairly frequently said and I guess it has stuck to some degree. I've always had a kind of abstract notion in my mind that I would like to one day invest in and build up a property portfolio. I would relish the opportunity to improve buildings structurally, and to restore original features to their former glory. There is an element of this process which appeals to my creative and slightly artistic side.

People tend to think entrepreneurs have to be creative and innovative which can be daunting to anyone not so; but the fact is that there are many successful people who are (by their own admittance) not particularly creative; I think it was Theo Paphitis of La Senza and Dragon's Den fame, who said of himself that he had, 'never had an original idea in his life', which although I am sure is a comment laced with self-deprecating hyperbole, probably rings true for many of us. This comment resonates with me a lot and I believe it contains an important notion. This being the simple reality of life whereby not everyone can be a creative genius. There isn't any barrier to success for those who may be less creatively inclined either. I can recognize my own creative limitations, I mean sure I enjoy being original but I can't claim to be so in all matters. Darwin once said that, 'if one wishes to make an apple pie from scratch one must first create the universe', I think this iterates the point of view of a person like Theo Paphitis, meaning that to some extent at least, even the most creative ideas are ones which are copied from the ideas of others.

"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants." Isaac Newton.

A good example of the re-using of another person's idea or the copying of a process in a business context would be Henry Ford's innovative introduction of the 'Production Line' assembly process for the manufacture of his famous Model T Ford automobiles. He was a pioneer in his field in doing so, and he became fabulously wealthy. But the creation of wealth didn't end with him and his business. Think of how many people across the world, and how many businesses since then have copied his concept for their own gains how much money has been made by all of the 'copy cats'. If you can copy or improve on someone else's ideas and you can implement that process in your own enterprise you can also achieve great success. And I think more people ought to be cogniscant of the fact.

Image Source Pexels

I am interested in all success stories and intrigued by people who manage to combine a creative flair with an aptitude for business in order to become successful. I was reading an interesting article the other day, the main feature of which was an Adrian Rubin interview. People like him seem to be able to turn their creativity to an apparently infinite number of projects across various industries. In the interview you can see how he allowed himself to indulge and to nurture the creative side of himself in order to build a livelihood which incorporated this aspect of his personality. Most people will never realize this ambition, for most it remains a dream, the separation between business/livelihood and passion/creativity is omnipresent. Therefore I think it is important for people who are creative and who might be entrepreneurial to take heart and inspiration from the stories of such people like Adrian Rubin LLC. While for those who might feel more curtailed in their creative talents should take heart from figures such as Mr Paphitis.

Business is open to any age, gender, race, religion, background and financial disposition; that is truer now than it ever has been, and never has it been easier for a person to set up in business for themselves. While creativity can be a great help, there are many factors which contribute to the overall success of a business so take heart from the tales of others. In truth, this message isn't only relevant to the business sphere, but to life in general.

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